Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thoughts for the past couple of weeks on blogging:

I couldn’t help but notice that several weeks ago blogger.com decided to instigate those modified letter combinations in order to ward off robots and other such technological threats from posting nonsense. At first, I thought nothing of it. Standard practice elsewhere on the web, I felt it was a necessary precaution. I wouldn’t want robots going from excessive blog posting to world domination, so I kept my mouth shut and typed the messed up words every day. One day, I found blogger.com challenging my intellect with a combination much like: “whglsyenlgudns.” Faced with this daunting task, I stared at each fuzzy bent letter and deciphered the w’s from the v’s and the p’s from the b’s. I failed. Realizing my potential stupidity, it prompted me with a new sequence: “lkrv.” I accomplished the task and soon forgot about my humiliating test of ability.
Another week passed and the strange blog letter puzzles remained relatively simple, until I was forced to decipher a very blurred and crooked “vwmnbpouwx” or some other such craziness. It was then that I realized the true meaning of these brainteasers. Blogger.com is attempting to dissuade the elderly population from posting blogs. My nana can’t decipher the big HOLLYWOOD sign, let alone fifty messed up faded curling bubble letters that don’t even spell a word. The elderly population has a lot to offer the online population. If they are able to work through their arthritic pain and type a few words, then hell, I wanna hear what they have to say. They can tell me about WWII for all I care. Why is blogger.com prejudiced against these people? Perhaps they are intimidated by the vast sea of knowledge the elderly possess from all their years of life.
Let me just say this:
I’m on to you, Blogger.com. You have an opportunity to reach out to this wise group of people and display their thoughts, created despite rheumatic, cancerous, glaucomic, and arthritic pain, for all the naive youth. I applaud the old people that can blog through all this terrible resistance.
On behalf of the elderly bloggers, I say to you, Blogger.com:
Decipher this, a-hole! : dkfhwlhefweuhnjdkjhnwekfjhdbwhbfchwbdujhwbfhuvebfhj


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