Saturday, April 29, 2006

Descriptive Exercise: "Chop"

He raised the axe a second time and brought it down with the strength of Hercules to finish the job. Stained with warm crimson blood, the royal head finally dropped from the chopping block onto the cold stone below.
It took two axe strokes.
A royal death indeed.
He picked up the head by its hair. It slipped from the wig and hit the stone with a muffled thump.
Her cold grey eyes, reflecting the amused people gathered around her, rolled back into her head. Her chapped lips parted and dripped saliva onto the ground. The tears she shed just before her execution mixed into the blood still gushing from her exposed neck.
Her body slid to the left and sprawled onto the ground on the other side of the wooden block. Her right hand crept down her stomach and lay on the stone, twitching. Her finger nails had small scraps of wood underneath them from the forceful grip she had on the chopping block just moments before.
She was no longer a threat to her majesty.
Beheading was a common occurrence during the reign of Elizabeth I; however, taking the life of a royal didn’t sit as well with the Queen. The life was that of her cousin, Queen Mary of Scotland.


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